Good-bye Ubuntu: Wellcome Debian!

Changing to a more robust OS after 15 years.


I have been an Ubuntu user since they shipped a CD with Feisty Fawn to my house. I was introduced to it by my brother and I still remember the sensation of freedom when I installed it for the first time. The feeling I got when I opened for the first time the Software Center and I saw hundreds of free and open source software will that I could easily install without cracking will remain in me. That feeling of freedom will mark me forever and will define my future career as an Information System Engineer.

Now, after a couple of rough years fighting with unstable updates, buggy frontend and a horrible experiences with snap I decided to move to Debian.

Debian 12 surprised me with how easy and straightforward was to install it. Also, it is great that it comes with Python 3.11. For my surprise I didn't have any issue at all with firmawares for my Thinkpad T14. I did found a bug after installing it from the LiveCD, but it was easily fixed following some advice from the awesome community. Link to it just in case you're struggling with the same: Errors while updating system or install new packages Debian 12 (Solved sort of)

I always wanted to be a user of Debian, now after a smooth install I'm ready for it. I'm also eager to start contributing to it and why not, became a package maintainer.

To Ubuntu, I wish you all the best. I will allways have a special place for you in my heart.