django-dcat y Catálogo Social

django-dcat is a Django package that implements a model layer for the DCAT 3.0 specification. With it, I built Catálogo Social, a site to backup and reference open data portals from Argentina. is a private friendly app that will search and display all relevant articles in Wikipedia that are geolocated around you. Link

ckan core developer

As a CKAN Core Developer, I'm constantly contributing to the CKAN codebase and it's ecosystem of plugins and extensions. Link

open data cordoba

Open Data Córdoba is a non-profit organization created to promote Open Data and Open Government standards. We also participate in Hackatons, events and develop Open Source applications to encourage Civic Hacking Link

Some of the projects done:


georefar is a R wrapper for Argentina's Geographical Data Standardization Service API (georef-ar). The package is Open Source and is available to install from it's github page.


Shiny App to keep track of personal Golf scores. Link


For more work you can check my Github or LinkedIn profile...